"Our eyes are hungry all the time, and they have to be fed with color and light and flesh and humor. You have to keep feeding your eyes and your soul ... with art and poetry and films and people having fun. Having fun is an art too, you know." Dennis Hopper

Hi, I'm Mandy-Lyn. I'm a photographer and film maker, and my home is East Vancouver on Canada's West Coast. Vancouver is the most beautiful, super natural place I've ever seen. I think we have some of the coolest, truest babes and the most unreal views. I shoot all analog 35mm color film with an old Canon camera that my Grandpa gave me. Thanks for having a look. 

More than anything in the world, I love rock n roll - so I make cassette mixtapes full of my favourite tunes, all the stuff I'm listening to on repeat. You can listen to them here. I've got a radio show called Magic Hour on No Fun Radio - you can stream archived episodes of Magic Hour for free. It is absolutely the best time. Me and my best pals drink cold ones and puff smokes and dance around the booth to the best tunes out there - for laughs and kicks and ripping rock n roll songs you never heard before, you can't go wrong with Magic Hour. Maybe you just wanna know what I sound like when I talk. Magic Hour has it all!

☆ Curious about the little white stars ☆? I'm proud to share uncensored versions of my work (truly the way it was meant to be seen!) through Findrow - which is kind of like a Mandy-Lyn App, almost a private Instagram that’s subscription based, where uncensored photos and explicit video content is available only to my followers.  Having a subscription based service for my more explicit material means that I have a source (however small that may be) to help me continue to create meaningful content. By subscribing to my Findrow at monthly, bi-monthly or annual rates, you get first look at what I'm working on, full sets that aren't on my site, behind the scenes access to things that would never fly on instagram - and what's more, you uniquely (that's right you!) make a significant and meaninful impact on my ability to make and share more art. Your subscriptions turn into film - 

And I sure dang appreciate that. 

My photographs have been seen in magazines like Juxtapoz, VICE, Penthouse, HUSTLER, Vogue Italy and DiCE. I've had the pleasure of collaborating and shooting for some rad international brands like HUF, Vans, Altamont, Volume 4, CRAP Eyewear and O MIGHTY.

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