"Our eyes are hungry all the time, and they have to be fed with color and light and flesh and humor. You have to keep feeding your eyes and your soul ... with art and poetry and films and people having fun. Having fun is an art too, you know." Dennis Hopper

Hi, I'm Mandy-Lyn. I'm a photographer, writer and film maker. My home is East Vancouver on Canada's West Coast. I shoot all film, mostly the kind you can buy at the drugstore, with an old Canon camera that my Grandpa gave me. Thanks for visiting.

I love rock n roll, blues, cowboy songs, heavy metal, twanging electric guitars, crazy hillbilly mountain music... I make cassette mixtapes full of my favourite stuff. You can listen to them here. For a couple years I had a radio show called Magic Hour on No Fun Radio - you can stream archived episodes of Magic Hour for free. 

If you'd like to support my work, hit the SHOP. I try to keep it loaded with recent prints at attainable prices. If you'd just like to make a contribution, you can do that by hitting the little yellow Donate button below. Your donations go directly toward my hefty film and processing costs, which means that every dollar you share helps to make more art. ♥

See full sets of my work uncensored here for just $6.66 a month! That small monthly token of appreciation for the analog nudity also helps very much in the buying and processing of all my film.

My photographs have been seen in Juxtapoz, VICE, Penthouse, Choppers Magazine, HUSTLER, Vogue Italy and DiCE. I've had the pleasure of collaborating and shooting for some righteous international brands like HUF, Vans, Altamont, Canada Ammo, Volume 4, CRAP Eyewear and O MIGHTY. I love working with bands and independent brands, and I (along with my small badass team of creative female collaborators) offer greatly reduced rates to womxn run companies, SW'ers and BIWOC. 

Bet I'd love to work with you, too... fill this out. Or if you just wanna say hi, you'll find me at hello@mandy-lyn.com. I am not great with technology but I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

illustration by mauricio

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