Hi, I'm Mandy-Lyn. I'm a photographer and a deejay, and my home is east Vancouver on Canada's West Coast. 

It's the most super natural beautiful place I've ever seen. I think we have the coolest babes and the most unreal views. I shoot all analog- 35mm color film with an early 70's Canon camera that my Grandpa gave me. 

Thank you for taking a look. 

Outside of my photo and video work, I've got three event production teams: VALI GIRLS, STAR 80 and PARIS 68. VG represents the club rap, hip hop and soul side of things, STAR 80 represents the punk, metal and hardcore events and PARIS 68 gives me a name under which I share my love of 60's French pop and psych. All three are comprised of smart, lovely young ladies doin it for themselves. Have a peek at the PARTIES section to see some

of the parties that I've thrown and been involved in. 

I love making cassette mixtapes, you can take a listen to them here. Lots of psych and punk and old school

rock n roll.

My pictures have been featured in Juxtapoz, Vice, Color, POSI+TIVE Magazine, Contributor Magazine, DiCE, Hearty, VANS Zine, Nerve, Get Born Magazine, The Libertine, KOCK Japan, Rookie, JUNNNKTANK, Lifelounge, Sad Magazine, Kaltblut, NSMBL Germany, Pilerats, Floefferz, Vogue Italy, ION and Photographer & Muse

In Summer 2013 I did a tee-shirt collaboration with Division of LabourIn August 2014 I made a video called Malibu in connection with my pals at HUF, and for Spring 2015 I have a new tee shirt collaboration with Altamont Apparel called Rock N Roll Suicides, four tributes to some of my favourite gone-too-soons. 

In January 2015 I put out a new zine called Babeland with San Diego based Funeral Press; a retrospective of ladies I've shot in Vancouver over the last five years. It's available for purchase here for just $10. 

PRIVE PARTICULIER is my photo diary, b-side sort of stuff.  

If you'd like to get a hold of me, 

send me an email  :-)


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