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Love Me Tender

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"When you are not in love, you're not alive." EP

What's true love feel like to you? I created these photographs because I felt lost. I went out looking for answers and I ended up gettin by, high, alone at the Elks Motel in Keremeos, BC. At 4:32 in the AM on August 16th, 2020, as I crawled my way through or into or maybe out of existential fog, Elvis came to me Live in Hawaii through a public access infomercial. He reached out of the teevee and touched me. He looked right at me. He spoke to me.

It did more than charm me to know that Elvis can find you anywhere... but also, that that magical energy, that travels down from the stars and up from the darkest parts of your heart, will and can reach out - and speak to you through the most unexpected channels. It might be that... I wanted to find a way to invite people into a world where that magic is common. That’s the world that lesbian Elvis exists in. Don't you think? 

Love Me Tender is printed on super high quality matte magazine stock, self published, signed personally and shot on two small 60's point and shoots and drugstore film. 42 pages for each year The King lived on Earth and featuring two of the dreamiest muses in the world, Simone and Bella (Or Big E and Tuesday) with hair by Queenie, Rempel Roquette. 

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